Comparison of the major contributions of the greeks and the romans

Empedocles and the four elements An attempt at compromise was proposed by Empedocles c. Homer, in the Iliad and the Odyssey, tells the story of the Trojan War c.

The idea of emanation is very close to the idea developed by Christian theologians to explain the concept of the Trinitythe union of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three divine persons in one God. He further stated that the senses see the collective presence the "big picture" rather than the separateness and diversity of atoms.

What evidence of the Roman influence can you find in our society? He believed that truth is relative, depending on perspective or point of view. His theory of elements remained in use until the modern era. The writers Aristophanes — bce. Worship The major form of worship for both Greeks and Roman was sacrifice and prayer.

Prayers were made standing up with the hands raised and the palms pointing toward the sky. While they held that the nature of absolute ethical values could never be known, the Skeptics taught that living by the customs of society was wise.

Under the impact of the external forces, the forests had been depleted and soils leached resulting into barren topography. Growth of Rome Rome and her empire changed the world.

Zeno adapted the Socratic ideas of virtue and blended them with a description of the physical universe as explained by Heraclitus and Aristotle. They invented the alphabet, which was later taken over by the Greeks, and the use of symbols for sounds, in place of clumsier cuneiform shapes or hieroglyphics, was a tremendous advance.

Aristotle later opened his own school, the Lyceum, and became the tutor to the Greek king and conqueror Alexander the Great — bce. Were these contacts beneficial or detrimental to Rome?

In that role, she served as the protectress of order within the family. In Lebanon, from ancient times B. The Sophists were teachers in Athens who were skeptical about what the human mind could know.

Herodotus, however, did not agree with this idea of the Ionian School. With Scipio the African the Romans reconquered Carthage. Greek sexual licence extended even to a preference for homosexual relationships.


An astronomer is someone who studies the planets and stars. Hades did not live on Olympus, although most myths about him associate him with the Olympian gods, and Dionysius was a later addition to the pantheon: For him, questions of metaphysics were unimportant.

The Greeks believed that the gods and goddesses had come to give order to chaos.

Greeks are Better than Romans

The traditional belief was that both good and bad souls went to the underworld, Hades, escorted there by the god Hermes.

However, what could be called a schism or split in Greek religion came about when the Greek philosophers began to offer counter explanations to the myths about the workings of nature. Agatharchides has described the occurrence of gold ore in the Ethiopian gold mines visited by him and has narrated the process of its extraction from the veins of rock strata.

They used to integrate mechanism to time the alarm which would sound off delicate water organs or pebbles into drums. As experts in the many areas that are still influenced by the ancient Romans, I am asking you to prepare s short presentation with visuals highlighting these contributions.

Ancient Greece Essay | Essay

What did Roman civilization obtain from the Greeks? But later, important developments led to the birth of the Portuguese nation. Plato considered man an active agent who changed the face of the earth.The Romans were very good at copying other peoples ideas, but they rarely gave other civilizations credit for these ideas.

According to the ancient Romans, everything was invented by Romans. They actually did invent or achieve some important things themselves, things we still use today. Etruscan Contributions to Western Civilization.

Although the Etruscan civilization remains enigmatic and largely unknown to us, there is reason to believe that it made important contributions to the development of Western, European culture through its impact on the advancement of Roman culture. Several Greek cities became dominant in the Hellenistic era.

City-states of the classical Greece like Athens, Corinth, Thebes, Miletus, and Syracuse continued to flourish, while others emerged as major centers throughout the kingdoms. What was a major impact of ancient Greece and Rome on Western civilization?

Greek sculpture and Roman architecture were much admired and copied in the 18th and 19th centuries What important long-term contributions did the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations make?

The Romans put the lessons of the Etruscans to practical use. The baths and arenas are tributes to the skill of Rome's great builders. Because of the use of the arch, the Romans could build on a greater scale than the Greeks, who used the post and lintel (a beam supported by two columns). Feb 16,  · I have an essay on Ancient Greece and Rome contributions.

And their simularities and differences, but i have no idea what to write or anything! Please give me info on these Resolved.

Comparison of the major contributions of the greeks and the romans
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