Conclusion in flame tests and solubility experiment

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The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the World Health Organization concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

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Flame Tests Lab Report Essay

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This time I heated the rod with a Bunsen. I placed it in a beaker on a hotplate, with a lid of polystyrene, and added a thermometer through the middle of the spool.The tables on this page are best viewed on a desktop, notebook, or tablet computer.

* This method was evaluated using the Final Rule Limits stated above; the Transitional Limit of 50 ppm is within tested ranges and the method should perform well when assessing compliance at this concentration.

Flame Tests By: Jordan Anthony, Zack Balog, and Evan Degraw Regents Chemistry class, Union Springs High School, 4th period January 19/ The purpose of this lab was to see what colors are characteristic of particular metallic ions in a flame test and use their characteristic color to identify other elements.


Another purpose is to understand how fireworks work. Abstract.

Help with flame test lab conclusion?

The purpose of this experiment was to identify the unknown compound. The tests that were done to determine the identity of the compound include qualitative solubility tests, quantitative solubility tests, measuring solution conductivity, anion and cation test, flame test, and formation of precipitate.

Conclusions: From burning the metals in this flame test, I concluded what the two unknown elements were. The first unknown substance was Sodium. The first unknown substance was Sodium. I believe this to be true because it had the same bright orange flame the first time I tested it earlier. "Conclusion In Flame Tests And Solubility Experiment" Essays and Research Papers Conclusion In Flame Tests And Solubility Experiment Date: 20/03/13 Flame Test – Investigating Compounds Aims To identify the presence of a relatively small amount (ie low concentration) of a metal ion in a compound.

These ions projected slightly darker hues of flame, like orange, red and purple. Copper was neither in the first nor the second group. It was in group eleven and had the most unique color, which was Aqua Marine. Mistakes could have been made in this experiment.

Conclusion in flame tests and solubility experiment
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