Mapping the world of coaching science

Considering all this focus on numbers and the willingness to invest in them, is it in turn strange that, in a desperate attempt to satisfy funding requirements and be evaluated on something more than the score line or tournament placing which is still the key criteria in high performance sport down undercoaches look to statistics?

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It is likely that publications describing the coaching process from a general standpoint receive high citations because they help researchers situate their work in the broader picture of the field.

An annotated bibliography and analysis of coaching science: The final sample, therefore, was not limited to research articles, but also included the full range of literature dissemination options such as books, book chapters, concept papers, etc.

Scientometrics, 84 2 The role of deliberate General talent Conceptual 7 practice in the acquisition of expert performance. Whereas the list of researchers from the Gilbert study shows simple frequency of research articles, it fails to gauge the influence of these publications. A case study of a coach-athlete dyad Coach-athlete Research 9 in crisis.

Journal of Coaching Education Results and Discussion The original sample of coaching science literature published in and comprised articles. Professionalisation and practice pp. An additional outcome of that study was a list of the most often published scholars in coaching science.

The art of coaching interprets people as imaginative, evolving, living organisms — not machines. Another distinctive trend was the dominance of studies conducted with coaches of team sports and in the school-based context.

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As with any measure, the RIF certainly is open to debate and revision. In terms of specific universities, Michigan State University seems to be a particularly active setting for producing coaching science publications Dan Gould and Deborah Feltz.

Instead, the RIF indexes work cited by a particular sample that has clear identification criteria. Models 'for' and 'of' coaching. Coach Research 7 Journal of Sport Behavior, 22 2 Research book development Cassidy, T. Developing talent in young people.

Results revealed the prominence of studies on coaching behaviors and use of quantitative methodologies.

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Coaching effectiveness in the sport domain. Strengths and limitations of the RIF as a measure of researcher influence. The next decade and beyond. After modeling quick "points" with them, I allocate the rest of the time for independent work-time I don't allow them to do this in groups, as I want them to get the uninterrupted chance to plot points on the latitude-longitude system independently.

Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 11 2 Quest, 61 3 The information can also help scholars gauge the influence of their publications in relation to others in their same field of study.

Gilbert and Trudel already suggested an epistemological shift in coaching science. Coaching and coach education. Demographic information about these researchers shows the field to be dominated by males working in North America. Five types of publications were identified for classifying the key publications: The RIF clearly shows that the published work of the scholars listed in Table 5 is having a strong influence on the type, and focus, of current research in coaching science.

Journal of efficacy article Educational Psychology, 91 4 The only two exceptions were Ronald Smith and Frank Smoll, both employed in a psychology department, who have spent their career studying psychosocial outcomes e.

Is it Art or Science? A conceptual model of Coaching Research 9 coaching efficacy: An alternative, innovative approach to identifying the most influential publications and researchers in a field such as coaching science is to use citation network analysis.

As the ring shape suggests, coaching science is a small world where key contributors in the field are linked through collaborations to intermediate connections brokers.In Maythe Journal of Coaching Education published an article entitled “Mapping the world of coaching science: A citation network analysis” and ranked sports coaching research work that she has led as 2nd in the world and 1st in Europe.

Mapping the World of Coaching Science: A Citation Network Analysis While sport coaching has expanded as a legitimate profession around the world, so too has the volume and scope of scholarly. In Maythe Journal of Coaching Education published an article entitled “Mapping the world of coaching science: A citation network analysis” and ranked sports coaching research work that she has led as 2nd in the world and 1st in Europe.

Embodied mapping in basketball coaching activities The concept of ‘mapping’ used here is drawn from a draft paper by Sacks (, vol. I, part III, Appendix A) included in his Lectures on Conversation.

The purpose of the present study was to use citation network analysis to identify key publications and influential researchers in coaching science.

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A citation network analysis was conducted on. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.

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Mapping the world of coaching science
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