The issue of discrimination of pit bulls and its origin in people

The SHOCKING History Of Dog Breed Discrimination…It’s NOT Just Pit Bulls That Are Targeted!

Bites and attacks are effects, to which there are always causes. Or possibly part Lab. Bite statistics are public record. Would you ask a gas station attendant about the side effects of a medication that your toddler was prescribed? Or maybe you have been reading the near-constant stream of scary newspaper stories ginning up your fear.

Pain and fear are two leading causes. As mentioned before, Pit Bulls are working dogs. Consequently, there were and still are a large number of un-spayed and un-neutered pit bulls living in extremely close proximity to one another. The breed quickly came to represent aggression and a perverse idea of machismo, thus becoming the preferred guard dog cum status symbol for drug dealers and gangsters.

BSL stands in the way of that. But yet, they do something with pit bulls, since they are so terrible.

Pit Bull Discrimination — How Much is the Media to Blame?

Eloquently stated by an animated character in the new, How to Train Your Dragon sequel recently released. I have realized that the world will never get over the fact the society judges Pit Bulls, but if they read facts and information about Pits like I did, they would not only be shocked by the outcome but they would understand Pit Bulls more than they did before.

The more notable of the first war-dogs was Sergeant Stubby. Nine had the breed of dog in the headlines and eight named pit bulls. The group we got him from listed Murray as a border collie, which -- given that he's never, ever, herded anything -- is the only kind of dog we're sure he's not.

I got a huge wake up call very recently, this after being together problem free for over a year. Popularity for the breed in low-income, urban areas exploded.

The demand for pit bulls led to many owners breeding their own dogs without concern for temperament or socialization and for the purpose of making a profit, rather than providing a responsible home. Remember that fighting dogs are and were trained to fight to the death, so fighting was a necessity for these animals just to stay alive, not a path they chose.

If we were to take the approach of banning the Pit Bull breeds, it is important to see the full scope of what we would be eliminating. Although there are some who dont have DA at allhowever how do you tell when it can pop up at any age?

She will certainly be in ours. But yet, pit bulls still face bans across the United States. But not only do pit bull gets treated like they are dirt, so do their masters when they are out in public or talk about their dog. The problem is that there is little consequence for being an irresponsible dog owner.

Other than having the deck stacked overwhelmingly against them. Bites and attacks are effects, to which there are always causes. They are typically excellent athletes that can provide a wide variety of job-related tasks. It shifts culpability from the truly responsible parties—irresponsible owners—and unfairly manipulates the image of an already exploited breed.

And frankly, the broad-skulled, wide-mouthed pit bull makes for a more convincing monster than the comically puffy Chow. They were bred as working dogs and family companions prior to being bred to bull bait and then dog fight. If a dog bit a human, it was usually culled.

They were viewed as money-making commodities instead of family members and companions. The misfortune is that the information is not yet common knowledge, especially in the sense that human behavior is what leads to companion animal attacks. But I know that in my heart that Pit Bulls are one of the most amazing and loving family or non-family pets there will ever be.Not all pit bulls can be bad they aren’t born that way, they are raised that way.

Saying a pit bull is born aggressive is kind of like saying a baby is born to hate.

It's Time to End the Prejudice Against Pit Bulls

In WW1 pit bulls were considered heroes. America's first war dog, Stubby, served 18 months 'over there' and participated in. (DOGS/DOG BREED DISCRIMINATION) Pit bulls have been the target of breed-specific legislation for years despite evidence claiming such laws do not diminish the number of overall dog attacks.

Support for these laws is based on the misconception that pit bulls are more dangerous and prone to aggression than other dog breeds. The History of Pit Bulls. The “pit” in Pit Bull comes from ratting as the rats were placed into a pit so that they could not escape.

Ultimately, the public turned their eyes upon dog fighting as it was more easily hidden from view and thus the law.

Discrimination to Pit Bulls Essay Sample

The inadvertent and unfortunate side effect of this new movement was that some people. Dec 29,  · America’s shameful dog discrimination for pit bulls and other "bully breeds," which are the unfair targets of housing and housing insurance policies that either ban them or issue stiff.

Some housing complexes list any breed with “pit” or “bull” in its name under the ban list, which may effectively ban bulldogs, French bulldogs, and any other dog that is not a pit bull at all.

Dec 31,  · Im not sure if it's all of Broward but Sunrise has an ordinance for pit bulls and they cant be in the dog park without a muzzle or leash. This law was signed in and I think it's discrimination. These dogs were once called nanny dogs for their gentleness with kids.

The issue of discrimination of pit bulls and its origin in people
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